"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."”

— Aldous Huxley

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Twenty five years of professional experience, over six- thousand songs, top end professional gear, and every type of venue from wine bars to arenas - its this versatility and professionalism that sets Tim Georgeff apart from the rest of the competition.  With over 1,000 shows in just the past three years, Tim has played corporate parties, club dates, ticketed theater and arena shows, restaurants, cruise ships, national conventions, festivals, television, and radio appearances.   Every conceivable style and genre of music are covered, from classical to contemporary, classic rock to current pop, latin, country, world music, film, and contemporary Christian - with every type of ensemble - solo piano and piano/vocal, duos, trios, bands from four piece to big band, and even dueling pianos.  While Tim is comfortable with any format of performance including the use of tracks and click track, he prefers to perform his music live - allowing for the flexibility to accommodate requests from the audience and for the show to be custom shaped and adapted to the individual circumstance.  Tim does have an assortment of drum machines, loopers, and other technology to incorporate when more enhanced solo shows are desired.

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Photo oct 17 8 37 59 pm
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Example set lists for different occasions

Example set lists for different occasions

Some of the venues I have performed in.

Some of the venues I have performed in.

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